Fictional diversions to provide a break from your day-to-day routine


Clark Wilson, an average family man, is thrust into the world of porn when he accepts a position to market and sell adult cable channels using wild promotions and XXX productions.


Clark’s experiences in the world of adult entertainment and the broadcast industry bring a mixture of embarrassment, excitement, temptation, complex circumstances, bizarre bosses, crazy colleagues, sexy stars and profound revelations. 


Clark’s wife, Melissa, faces her own challenges and ambivalences regarding the job.  Her salary as a teacher does not support the family and she knows that they need the extra income.  She quiets her doubts and concerns about glamorous adult stars with “perfect” bodies to support Clark.


As Clark creates sexy, cutting-edge advertising campaigns and produces an adult parody of The Blair Witch Project, Kitty Newlove, a top adult star, seeks to seduce him.  Meanwhile, Melissa feels competition from the porn stars, realizes friends are shunning her because of his job, and wonders if their marriage will survive.


In spite of Clark’s successes, he doesn’t fit in and soon finds himself fighting for survival in this tough, peculiar environment.  His co-workers include a psychotic programming president, a Machiavellian CFO, an ambitious but clueless CEO, a constantly-disappearing creative director, grandstanding vice-presidents, porn stars with abundant re-constructive surgery, and others in and out of the industry. 


Pushing the P-Word is a mainstream novel that reads like a “Dilbert” comic strip or an episode of the "Office" placed in the world of Adult Entertainment. 

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